Hi, all. Just thought I'd let those on my friends list know that I'm updating BBT in the next day or two. Also, I plan to add a couple of parts to The Weatherman before I end this Winter Break. I've been busy working with another writer on a new fic and we've been bouncing what we're writing back and forth, which is a ton of fun. I've never co-written anything before and it's cool having your ideas mingle that way. If the other writer wants to admit they know me, I don't care.

Also I wanted to take this time to thank [livejournal.com profile] judy_blue_cat for all she's done for me these past years (passes Kleenex-- I love you, Judy). She's stepping down as beta and stepping into life. Or ah, I guess, I shouldn't say it like that maybe since Judy does have a life: it's me who doesn't (he, he). Any how, I'll miss her gift for helping me see the errors of my ways--

Her parting gift to me as beta was that she found me a new person to beta! How's that-- she picked her own replacement! From now on, Jenny will be beta'ing my stories, starting with this new chapter of Big Bang. Welcome, Jen.


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