Thought I'd share these lovely pictures of Jake and Heath that [ profile] kikiruki drew for the
Big Bang Theory. I made the first one she created into an icon for the fic.
Thanks so much, kikiruki! I'll probably do the first one here into an icon too. 

Next chapter coming this week!


From: [identity profile]

I so admire people with such stable hands! I bet she drew the pictures with the computer's mouse. So cute!
And yey for the next chapter.

From: [identity profile]

And you did an awesome job. It's amazing to me. I use photoshop a lot and I'm always amazed how people actually draw with the mouse!

From: [identity profile]

I know-- I love the glasses. Kiki drew them in because she said she loved the image of Heath with glasses.

I agree. Soooo hot.


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