I don't know what'd possessed me to throw myself onto that ray. It was torture: like thousands of ants crawling and biting, but I had to do something, and at that moment, I saw no other option. And isn't that superhero rule number five? In dire circumstances, superheroes must make supreme sacrifices? I collapsed to the floor as she switched off the ray with a wicked smile, her maniacal laughter piercing through to my very core. I shook my head. Had I heard Jack clearly? Then I realized what he'd agreed to do. 

Rule number five. Supreme sacrifice.

With her.

And me.

"So glad you see it my way," she purred, circling Jack like a cat its cream. My body twitched and itched. And she--- she was touching Jack, raking those long, red, slutty fingernails all over his chest, his arms, his body.

"You want to do it h-here?" Jack stuttered. "The f-floor is like r-rock."

"It is rock," I said, getting to my feet. "Cap rock."

"And it's c-cold," Jack continued, teeth chattering. 

"Of course it's cold-- it's fucking Greenland," I said.

"Listen," Jack said to me, "you're the one who wanted to save your Great Aunt Emma! And you," he turned to Nefarious, "I know I agreed to this but couldn't we do this some place else? Some place warmer without an audience?" 

Yin and Yang looked pissed. Not that I cared. 

"Very well, we'll go to my private lair where we three can get comfortable. Follow me, but remember, one wrong move, and I push the button and no more Shag Island."

Jack and I nodded, then followed Nefarious. I felt bad for my comments to Jack, but I hated the idea of sharing as much as he did. I was trying my best to connect mentally with Jack, but it wasn't working. He was cold and tired and had an odd look on his face. Something just didn't feel right to me besides the obvious-- being held captive in a glacier-laden lair and forced to have freaky-sex with an insane she-demon. 

"What about Mutt and Jeff?" Jack asked. "Can't we lose them?"

"In due time," she said, "in due time."

There on the other side of the ray was a set of doors.

"What? An elevator?!" Jack hissed, flinging his hands in the air. "There's an elevator?! Why in hell did we have to climb that ladder if there was an elevator!"

"More dramatic that way," Nefarious laughed.

We stepped inside, and the door swished shut. 

Barry Manilow sang "Can't Smile Without You" from above.

"What's with the elevator muzak?" I asked. 

"Something wrong with Manilow?!" Yin spat. 

"No," I said. "Manilow's fine... I like Manilow." 

"Got to tell you up front--" Jack said, "I'm not into women."

Nefarious rolled her eyes.

"Excuses, excuses," Yang mumbled. 

The door opened to myriads of halls-- Nefarious' dungeon-- of sorts. No dark recesses. Only ice and rocks. We followed her through corridors until we came to her room. There, Yin and Yang parted from us. We entered. Her "lair" was like her, cold and dark and filled with sharp pointy objects.

She also had a lot of pictures. All over. All of her.

We studied the walls while Nefarious fixed us drinks. I kept close to Jack, when suddenly, he stopped. His mouth opened, eyes flashed back and forth from the picture on the wall to Nefarious. 

"Your name is Lureen? Lureen Newsome?"

"Yes, Jack."


From: [identity profile] el-wing.livejournal.com

I knew this would be a surprise since no one caught on-- or at least no one mentioned it...

From: [identity profile] enoughtohurt.livejournal.com

"Got to tell you up front--" Jack said, "I'm not into women."

Nefarious rolled her eyes.

"Excuses, excuses," Yang mumbled.

You really crack me up. I guess I don't comment here that much because everytime I read a new chapter I end laughing so hard that I can not breathe, let alone write a coherent comment.

This story is just made of awesome. I think I could quote whole chapters.

I can't wait to see what Jack is gonna do now.

BTW, are you gonna keep writing the sequel of LIB? Pretty please? I am that girl at Ennisjack who still has faith and hopes that Jack will see again, even though you said that it won't happen.

Lots of love.

From: [identity profile] el-wing.livejournal.com

Thanks so much for the compliment. I make myself laugh at times, too.

Hey, and I know you! Yes, I am still writing that sequel. I was hoping to have it posted this week, but I wrote a chocolate challenge entry instead (bad me). I'm hoping to be able to write it next week.

Thanks for reading.


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Well, we'll see about that. I haven't decided how this will come out since I'm writing this one with no real plan-- ha, ha.

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"Your name is Lureen? Lureen Newsome?"

*slaps forehead* Why didn't I see that coming? LOL. It's dreary and rainy and blah, but I'll be chuckling over Barry Manilow's "Can't Smile Without You" as the elevator muzak all day! :) I love the way your mind works, el - thanks!


From: [identity profile] el-wing.livejournal.com

Thanks. Barry's music is all muzak to me now.

I knew Lureen would be a surprise!

Thanks, Marie

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I know I keep saying the same things over and over again, but this series is f'n hilarious. And awesome. The most campy fun you can have in a drabble series, I think.

And I wondered if that might be Lureen. Love Yin and Yang. Just love it all really!

Great job! Thanks for giving me a great boost to my afternoon. :)


From: [identity profile] el-wing.livejournal.com

Thanks, Teri,

Glad you're enjoying it.

More to come soon.

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I knew there is something more about Nefarious !... Cannot wait to read more, obviously Jack knows her, in a way or another !
Thank you !

From: [identity profile] el-wing.livejournal.com

Ah, you have that correct. Jack does know her...



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The Weathermen Part 15

"Your name is Lureen? Lureen Newsome?"

"Yes, Jack."


Talk about an unexpected shock!! Why didn't I think about that??

Oh I can't wait for the next chapter. Just when I think you couldn't get more delicious...you give us this!! LMAO!!


From: [identity profile] el-wing.livejournal.com

Re: The Weathermen Part 15

Thanks, George. When I first introduced Nefarious, I thought you'd caught on, especially after that picture you chose. Then I realized either no one had, or at least they were keeping it to themselves.

Glad you're enjoying this.


From: [identity profile] camillar.livejournal.com

Lureen?? Like the others I should have seen it coming, but I didn't :) I assume her and Jack have some sort of past? Love this series, it's just fun, fun, fun!

From: [identity profile] el-wing.livejournal.com

Well, seems I surprised a few with her secret identity ;)

Thanks for reading. More to come.

From: [identity profile] trekfan.livejournal.com

Nefarious is LUREEN! DAMN! our guys are doomed, DOOMED I TELL YOU!!!

I just hope if she gets what she wants she's still not going to blow up Shag Island. I got the place looking just how I want it :D

more please

From: [identity profile] el-wing.livejournal.com

Nefarious is LUREEN! DAMN! our guys are doomed, DOOMED I TELL YOU!!! Well, maybe not doomed, but our heroes may think they are for a bit!

Thanks for reading.

From: [identity profile] joetheone.livejournal.com

Dam that Lureen

Yes, red long nails who wants it all and wants them to be with her. Selfish little women. Joe

From: [identity profile] el-wing.livejournal.com

Re: Dam that Lureen

She just "itching" to get at them.

thanks for reading, joe.


From: [identity profile] lorna59.livejournal.com

Another great chapter - you are so consistent - there is never a lull in this sizzling story. Nefarious being Lureen, what a twist I never expected that.

Thank you

From: [identity profile] el-wing.livejournal.com

Thanks so much, Lorna. The next chapter is now up too!


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The plot thickens for those men in tights - sex with a woman - how cruel will it get????

From: [identity profile] samtyr.livejournal.com

Lureen? That was unexpected. (As for the muzak, I was thinking maybe ABBA instead of Barry Manilow. ;)