"After Jack left me, it was then that I realized that there was nothing left for me in the world. Nothing. Except for watching hot, man-sex."

I'd listened to her rant on long enough-- a good 22 minutes too long. All about her ill-fated high school fling with one Jack Twist, and how she was robbed of her innocence. Some innocence-- I noticed how titillated she was describing how she found Jack in the locker room with his spandex pants around his knees, his jock strap slung below his nuts and his dick down the quarterback's throat. I swear she was having multiple orgasms as she recited the story-- and I mean recited-- her horny little psyche narrated every thrust, every dribble and every tongue flick. 

"That's enough," I said. Her eyes narrowed. Jack stepped between us, which set her off all over again-- must be her post-orgasmic prolactin hadn't kicked in. She got in Jack's face, ticking off on her manicured monstrosities all the ways in which he "ruined" her life. Jack, on the other hand, was Mr. Cool: he stood, arms folded with a serene smile on his face.

"Now, Lureen," Jack said sweetly, "you know you were the only woman I was ever with. And I do care for ya."

"Friend! You said you wanted to be my friend!" she spat back. "I wasted the prime years of my life planning for our future, then--" 

"She was the only woman you've ever been with?" I interrupted. "Shit, Jack, that's enough to put any man off sex. Maybe you're not gay after all."

Not a wise thing to say. Her bullwhip cracked and bit into my left ass cheek.  She was winding up to lash a second time when Jack hollered, "Stop! You want to be pissed, be pissed at me! Leave him out of this!"

I rubbed my sore ass as I watched her lips twitch in anger. 

"Oh, but that's not the way we're going to do this," she hissed. "No, Jack. He is in this!" I jumped back fast as she cracked the whip above her head. "You, your super hunk and me make three! We're all the way in this-- and we're going all the way!"

She stepped up next to him, lips brushing his neck. "I can make it good for you," she whispered. "Remember my little friend?"

I had a feeling she wasn't referring to her whip. I thought about reading her mind, but there are some places even superheroes fear to go. 

"Ah hell, Lureen, you don't still have that stupid John Holmes strap-on?"

She gave a wicked nod and licked her lips as she caressed the whip's handle. Jack got nervous as hell, which made me nervous as hell. 

"Listen, Lureen, I don't think this is going to work. I mean, Ennis can't get it up for a woman no matter how big her appliance is. But if you want to watch some really hot man-sex, well, we can oblige-- he can get it up for me just fine."

I wasn't sure if I should feel insulted since I knew he was trying to get us out of this warped situation. From what I got from Jack, Nefarious had read too many Erica Jong novels and fancied herself the dark version of the heroine, Isadora Wing. Jack felt we were her new kinky, erotic attraction in her orgy of power. Last thing I wanted was to have Jack and myself part of her chosen playmates and have an 18 inch dildo up my ass. There had to be a way to get that iPhone from her without setting off the ray. 

I guess getting close to her was our only option.

"Ok, Nefarious," I said. "But you should know up front-- I'm allergic to latex."


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